3 Sneaky Spots Only Your Janitor Knows To Clean

Although you might be used to your regular cleaning routine around the office, our team of specialized janitors knows the important places most people don’t think of when doing their daily cleaning tasks! When running a business, it is important to go that extra mile to take pride in your space and create an atmosphere that feels safe and healthy for your clients and team members. While you’re busy making sure that everything throughout your business is running smoothly, let the professionals stay busy making sure that everything within your business is clean and tidy.  Explore Select Janitorial’s 3 sneaky spots only our janitors know to clean!

#1. Behind Furniture

With a wide variety of traffic strolling through your business daily, we understand you want your workspace looking clean and presentable. Those hard to reach surfaces, including spaces behind furniture is where dust loves to collect! Our trained professionals know how to get in every nook and cranny, ensuring that we never miss a spot. Paying extra attention to these easy to miss spaces in your workspace helps keep your space fresh and clear of dust and allergens. Clients will notice the difference, and will likely choose to return again!

#2. Top-down Cleaning 

Your business shouldn’t look like a haunted house! While we spend time looking at surfaces and floors, the real hidden mess can actually be above our heads. Making sure dust and cobwebs are removed from ceiling corners, signs, and light fixtures help improve the cleanliness of your office space while showing your clients that you’re on top of everything – literally! By removing the dust and cobwebs off of important fixtures and lights, you can ensure a bright and clean space for your clients to visit. Never worry about missing a spot, especially air vents that intake a wide variety of dust and particles. Our janitors will be sure to have these free of dust and debris. Our main focus is to keep the air quality in your business as healthy as possible for all that breathe it in!

#3. Blinds & Window Coverings 

Although you might remember to wipe down your counters and other surfaces when was the last time your shutters, curtains or blinds got a good cleaning? Ensuring that your blinds are dust-free help keep your windows bright, and encourages additional light to enter your space.  These areas can easily collect dust and grime, especially if they are made of fabric, making your business appear dingey and unkempt in your client’s and staff members’ eyes. Let that sunshine through dust-free and give the full experience for your customers and anyone who may look through your windows!

Select Janitorial ensures their clients that each and every spot of your business that needs that extra TLC is covered. It’s quality that you can see! Set up your FREE consultation today. We’ll set you up with the perfect janitorial staff member from our team for your business’s cleaning goals

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