5 Reasons To Hire Select Janitorial For Your Floor and Carpet Cleaning

With the rainy season behind us on Vancouver Island, we’re spending our days looking up towards blue skies and taking in sunny days. But another place we should be looking? Down at the carpets and floors of our businesses! Has the mud, rain, and dirt from the wet winter months got your flooring in bad shape? Select Janitorial can help – and today, we’re outlining the 5 reasons you should hire Select Janitorial for your carpet and flooring care.

The Right Tools for the Job

After months of wear and tear, most floors need more than a sweep to get back to looking their best. We use professional grade vacuums, carpet cleaners, and floor polishing equipment to handle even the most worn out flooring. We’ve invested in the right tools for the job, so you don’t have to.

Professional Knowledge

Different stains, and different floor coverings need different products and cleaning methods. Our staff have the knowledge and expertise to select the most effective cleaning products for your floors, as well as the experience to clean carpets and flooring without causing any further damage.

Consistent Upkeep or One-Time Cleaning

Whether you’re looking for regular floor maintenance or just an annual spring cleaning, we provide flexible cleaning packages that fit the needs and budget of your business. While consistent cleaning can help prevent future damage, we can also help with carpets and hardwoods that feel dingy after a busy season.

A Company With Local Focus

Not only do we provide exceptional cleaning services, but we are also a company that is focused on our people – both our clients and our cleaners. We pride ourselves on having dedicated, passionate staff that are well respected in their careers, who in turn provide amazing service to the local businesses that make Vancouver Island such a special place to live.

The Highest Standards

While we leave each space sparkling clean, some offices require additional levels of cleanliness – think, doctors, dentists, and veterinary offices. Our cleaners hold themselves to the highest standards of safety and sanitation, ensuring that your office remains sanitized, sparkling, and safe for your clients and staff as they move through your space.

Think your carpets are too worn out, or vinyl planking scuffed beyond repair? Give Select Janitorial a call today, and we’ll give you a free consultation to bring your flooring back to life!

Select Janitorial is Now Serving Duncan and Nanaimo, BC!

Vancouver Island janitorial and commercial cleaning company Select Janitorial is now expanding their service areas, and will begin serving businesses in Nanaimo and Duncan beginning April 1st, 2019.

After over 20 years based in Victoria, BC, owner Marcus Swift is looking forward to bringing the same level of service and focus on supporting the local community to Nanaimo and Duncan. “We are excited to begin working with businesses across Vancouver Island. Serving businesses in Victoria has been so fulfilling over the last 30 years, and starting this new chapter in our business is very exciting.”

Passionate about putting communities first, Select Janitorial has been a longtime supporter of various local charities, including the Cridge Centre for the Family and Headway Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Centre. The company prides themselves on creating stable, long-term employment for their cleaning staff, and provide job training and support that benefits new Canadians, and those whose skills may not allow them to thrive in other work. “We want our cleaners to feel an ownership of their work, and feel empowered and proud of the work they do. We believe in providing people with opportunity, support, and skills. This really is more than just a job, this is an opportunity for them to give their family a life they’ve always hoped for.”

Select Janitorial specializes in commercial and office cleaning, including medical and veterinary offices, apartment buildings, retail space, and community buildings such as shopping centres, places of worship, and schools.

If your Duncan or Nanaimo business is in need of professional cleaning and janitorial services, Select Janitorial is looking forward to serving you!

3 Reasons To Hire Select Janitorial For Your Local Business

When choosing a cleaning company, you may think that price is the only factor to consider.  But you may also want to ask yourself, “Does this cleaning company align with my business’s values?”, “Are they passionate about their business”, or “Do they support the local community like I do?” These are questions that can be hard to answer, but at Select Janitorial, we wanted to share three reasons why we think we would be the best fit for your small business.

We only work with the pros

Our janitorial staff are professional cleaners who are devoted to growing in their careers, dedicated to their clients, and committed to building long term relationships with the businesses they serve. We do not hire temps, or people who will clean your business once, never to be seen again.  We make sure the cleaners on our team are the right fit for our clients, and they remain a part of the Select Janitorial family for years to come.

For our clients, this means you receive consistent cleaning services, with a cleaner you trust and build a relationship with.

We match you with the right cleaner

We all have our areas of strength and expertise – and our cleaners are no different! Because we know our staff so well, we can help match the best cleaner with your business to suit your janitorial needs. Need someone who can sterilize every corner of your office? Or someone who can look past the wood chips in your workshop to make sure the main surfaces are ready to go? Different cleaners will be a better match for different spaces, and we make sure that we find the right cleaner for you and your space!

A business with heart

In addition to supporting local businesses, non-profits, and charities in Victoria BC, Select Janitorial is here to support someone else – our staff. Through building their careers at Select Janitorial, many new Canadians or those who may have only been able to take low-paying work are able to give themselves and their families a quality of life in Victoria that they may not have otherwise had.

We focus on treating our cleaners with respect, providing them with independence, and supporting them while they grow their careers and make a living wage. As a socially conscious company, we are not in the business of paying our cleaners bottom-dollar for our own profits. We believe that when our clients win, and our cleaners win, Select janitorial wins!

The Benefits of Having a Long-Term Janitorial Service

In business, the keys to success are your relationships – with your clients, staff, and suppliers. But when was the last time you thought about your relationship with your business’ cleaner? If you have cleaners that rotate each week, or you haven’t spoken to your janitorial company since you first signed your contract, it may be time to consider adding a long-term, committed cleaner to your team!

So, what makes having a long-term janitorial service so important?

The Right Fit For The Right Job

Not every cleaner is the right person for your business – everyone has their own expertise, and it’s important that they are matched wisely with your space! Once you find that perfect fit, you don’t want to take the chance of having a rotating roster of cleaners coming through your office. This will help ensure that you receive a consistent, high standard of cleaning, custom tailored to your needs.

Build Trust and Communication

Just like any other member of your team, the longer you work together, the better the results! After having the opportunity to share what’s working, and learning the unique needs of your business, you can trust that your cleaner will take care of the details, and you can rest easy knowing that keeping your business sparkling clean is checked off your list!

Support Your Community

By hiring a long-term cleaner, you are contributing to the stable, gainful employment of your cleaning team. In the same way that creating jobs within your business is important, by working alongside other local businesses and entrepreneurs you are helping keep your local community vibrant, and making a difference in the lives of those that you hire!


At Select Janitorial, we believe in empowering our cleaners to fulfil their career potential by ensuring that we carefully match businesses with cleaners that have the best skills for their space. Our cleaners are also insured, bondable, and are provided with extensive training to ensure that you always receive top-notch cleaning service, every time. 

If you’re looking to switch cleaning companies, or are hiring a commercial janitorial team for the first time, give Select Janitorial a call and we would be happy to provide a custom quote for your business!

Why Your Business Should Work With an Ethical Cleaning Company

Sadly, industries like cleaning and hospitality can be an environment where mistreatment of staff, and in the most extreme cases, human trafficking, can present themselves. The Select Janitorial family was heartbroken to learn of the 43 individuals that were forced into cleaning jobs in Ontario, with a cleaning business profiting off the vulnerability of people seeking a better life in Canada.

This continues to shine a light on why it is so important to Select Janitorial that we not only provide exceptional service to our clients, but also run our business in an ethical manner, treating our cleaners with respect and dignity. We pride ourselves on helping people grow in their careers, and earn a living that allows them and their families to live fulfilling lives in the city they love.  

When you hire a cleaner through Select Janitorial, you know that you are working with a company that puts their community and their people first. We are proud to provide jobs to those traditionally marginalized in the employment world, be it through language/cultural barriers, personality, or the need to have a flexible work schedule. We are rigorous in standing against exploitation, glass ceilings and any other form of exploitation. We believe that when our cleaners are empowered to take charge of their careers, and are compensated fairly for the hard work that they do, that not only will our clients receive exceptional cleaning services, but that we as a company win through their success.  

Our cleaners are one of our greatest strengths, and we believe in providing ongoing training, mentorship, and tools for success. While many companies hire temporary cleaners that have no career stability or consistency, we know how important it is for our staff to feel that they can take ownership of their work, and build relationships with the clients that they serve.

If you are looking to work with a cleaning company that aligns with the values that you and your small business have, then look no further than Select Janitorial. We are honoured to contribute to our community by creating meaningful employment, and supporting the small businesses that make Victoria, BC such an amazing place to live.