What To Look For In A Commercial Cleaning Company

With a variety of cleaning services to pick from on Vancouver Island, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing which janitorial company to work with. You can only read so many Google reviews before your head gets sore! The best way to choose the right cleaning company for your business is by ensuring that their values and capabilities meet your expectations and business needs. What should you be looking for when choosing the right team for your business’s cleaning? Select Janitorial has the answers on today’s blog!



Keeping a consistent and clean environment in your workplace is not only beneficial for you but also for your clients and staff! Select Janitorial will provide you with professional janitorial staff fit for the job, every single time. By giving you an opportunity to build a relationship with the cleaning professional assigned to your business, you are able to let them know the key areas you may want special attention drawn to, all while they become familiar with your business’s unique cleaning needs. The difference with Select Janitorial’s services is that hand-pick the janitorial staff that matches their strengths with your needs, performing their best for your business’s cleaning requirements!



One of our top priorities at Select Janitorial is ensuring the safety of your business, not only in preventing slips and falls, but also with who is accessing your building. We understand it can be nervewracking letting others enter your building after hours. That is why upon request, we can happily obtain additional background checks, information, and security clearances if needed. Our team of cleaners are also individually insured and covered through WorkSafe BC, which makes protecting you and your business from any risk or liability easier. 


Local Support 

With over 20 years of service, Select Janitorial has been the top choice in cleaning services for business owners across Vancouver Island. Since our headquarters are local, our team is available to answer questions and provide clients with assistance when they need it. As well as being available to answer any questions quickly and easily, we can also provide consultations for local businesses within our communities. We take pride in being able to help our local businesses look as great as they make their customers feel. When choosing the right cleaning service company for your business, it’s best to ensure that they have the right experience and appreciation for your local community! 


Equipment Selection

It’s important to know that the janitorial service you choose to hire for your space is equipped with the right kind of tools fit for the tasks at hand. Not only do we have a wide selection of commercial cleaning equipment but we have an experienced team of cleaners who are familiar with how to operate that machinery safely. With our variety of cleaning equipment and other tools to choose from, we provide our clients with the options that are needed to ensure your space is cleaned to the highest standard possible. 


Experience & Training

Although most of our team of janitors are hired with some experience and qualifications under their belts, we like to support our staff and ensure that there is room to grow in their careers. They are constantly learning new things that are beneficial for each cleaning job, which helps them specialize and improve their services to fit your business perfectly. Assigning the same janitorial professional to your building allows them to familiarize themselves with your business and provide you with the exact service needed.


Select Janitorial values our client’s needs, and we show this through consistent work that sparkles! Make an easy choice and give us a call today for your FREE consultation! We will set you up with a consistent, trustworthy, and reliable member of our janitorial team that will provide your business with the unique and specialized clean you are looking for! 


How Janitorial Services Improve The Safety Of Your Business

Here at Select Janitorial, we can all agree that safety is one of our top priorities when running a business! It can all come down to some of the most basic precautions to set around your office that can make the biggest impact. A great way to ensure workplace safety is through consistent cleaning of your workspace. Learn about some of the potential hazards and injuries that could take place in the workplace and how we improve the overall safety of your business through our professional cleaning services today on the blog!


Reduce Slips & Falls

With the weather constantly changing on the island, it is always good to keep on top of the main entryways of your building. By keeping them clean and dry we can help to reduce workplace hazards for your staff and the public that visit your business regularly. This also shows that you take extra care and attention to detail ensuring your client’s trust and appreciation!


Reduce Sick Leave

Your business may see a variety of traffic throughout the day, making it easy for germs to form and spread easily around the office. Reduce the risk and spread of flu-causing viruses by keeping up on the professional cleaning of your space! With one of the busiest holiday seasons coming up, there is no better time to ensure the health and wellness of your workspace for your staff and clients! 


Remove Allergens

Nothing breaks the trust of clients more than walking into an unclean business. Nothing can turn away potential customers quite like entering a space that gives them coughing or sneezing fits! If we neglect to keep up with cleaning and the tidiness of your workspace, this may seem unprofessional and customers will take notice. Going the extra mile will create an environment where germs and allergens are kept at bay, and keep staff and visitors healthier when working and visiting your business.


Sanitize Where Needed

There are many areas in your business that may need that extra special close attention. From kitchens and bathrooms, to anywhere that children and animals may be, its important to clean these spaces with an extra level of proper sanitization to keep your staff and public safe and healthy during their visit. This is especially true for medical and dental offices where sanitization is required beyond the standard clean! 


Select Janitorial provides you and your business with the right tools to keep your clients and staff happy, healthy, and safe! We have over 20 years of experience working with businesses all across Vancouver Island.   We are a widely trusted janitorial service company that you can rely on. Put the safety and cleanliness of your business in our hands. We have you covered on all your janitorial needs. Call us today for your FREE consultation. We will match you with one of our janitorial staff that fits the needs of your business cleaning service best! 


How To Get Your Business Ready For The Rainy Season With Professional Cleaning Services

Shorter days and cloudier skies are taking over this fall! For Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island, this means rain and snow are on the way! What better way to prepare your business for the change in weather than by hiring a team of professional cleaners to keep your business in top shape, and stay ahead of the inevitable wet and muddy floors and carpet. 

Keeping your space clean during the wet season not only helps to keep your employees and clients happy and healthy, but it also prevents potential hazards in the workplace.  Falls and damage to inventory could result in some serious liabilities for your business. 

The experts at Select Janitorial are sharing the top three ways your business can benefit from our commercial cleaning services during this wet and rainy season!

Welcoming Presentation

Although the weather is getting dark and gloomy, that doesn’t mean your business needs to appear that way. Our team strives to keep your business looking customer-ready no matter the season. By ensuring that entryways, exits, and other high-traffic areas are cleaned consistently, you can prevent slips and falls, as well as long-term damage to your carpets and flooring. 

We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the best cleaning services possible to make sure your business is properly equipped for the muddy wet season. It may seem like relying on your staff for cleaning may be enough, but ensuring that you are using professional-grade equipment and cleaning solutions guarantees that not only is the quality of the service high but that you are receiving an increased level of thoroughness and sanitization.

Increase Your Cleaning Sessions, Improve Customer Satisfaction

Starting or adjusting your recurring cleaning schedule is highly beneficial for your business this time of the year. During the summer your floors may receive less wear and tear, but the winter months can bring in increased dirt and water along with the additional foot traffic that most businesses see. The cleanliness of your property not only ensures safety for your clients while visiting but also showcases the extra care you have for your workspace. 

This is especially important for businesses that deal with public health and safety, such as medical or dental offices, veterinary clinics. Improving client satisfaction and safety is also important for public spaces such as recreation centres or shopping malls, where the volume of people entering and exiting your building raises the potential for accidents that are a liability to your business. 

Safety and Signage

Signage is key when preventing accidents in the workplace, while also alerting your clients that you are keeping their safety in mind. The potential for slips and falls is much likelier during the wet season and this makes it that much more important to have the appropriate signage displayed. If you do not have your own signage, your cleaning team will be happy to show you the correct floor signs to purchase so that your office or warehouse is safe at all times.

Trust the Local Experts

Select Janitorial is proud to have been serving businesses in Victoria and Vancouver Island for over 20 years, and we bring our local expertise to each business that we serve. By understanding the unique needs of the region by season, we are better equipped to tackle any water-related mess that the rain and snow may bring. We match you with a cleaner whose expertise matches the needs of your space for a long-lasting partnership with your cleaning team.

Here at Select Janitorial, we value your client’s safety and health.  We work tirelessly to ensure your space is kept clean all year round through our exceptional service and attention to detail. 

Call us today for your FREE, no-obligation consultation and book your cleaning services before the holiday rush!

How Janitorial Services Help Reduce Sick Leave This Winter

With the stress of the holidays on the rise, so is the likeliness of catching a cold! A higher volume of foot traffic to your business also means that there are more germs introduced into your workspace than throughout the summer. When working in an office space, illness and germs can spread quickly through your business and have detrimental effects on your team’s productivity and workflow. Using professional janitorial services can help reduce the risk of germs spreading, all while reducing that spike in time-off requests. 

Feeling overwhelmed at all the tasks at hand, and looking for an easy solution? Learn more about the different ways that professional office cleaning services can help your business reduce sick leave this winter!

Leaving No Surface Uncleaned

Most people know that they need to clean countertops and floors, but there are lots of other sneaky places that can carry germs and sickness that you may not have thought of! Your team of professional cleaners know all the hidden places to clean to ensure your staff stays healthy through the flu and cold season. 

Doorknobs and light switches? We got them covered! Our team will ensure every high traffic area of your business is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with professional equipment and cleaning solutions. By focusing on spaces such as the office kitchen and bathrooms, we reduce the spread of the pesky cold-causing germs that can linger around during the winter. 

Improve Productivity, Reduce Heavy Work Load

The holiday season is already busy enough, and the last thing you want is your staff feeling burnt out during one of the busiest times of the year. Holidays usually mean that your staff is managing additional work, planning get-togethers, and trying to stay organized before the year is over. Take one thing off their plate and leave the cleaning to the professionals to help reduce stress.

While staff may be able to take on light cleaning tasks throughout the summer, ensuring that a professional is cleaning your office high and low safely will help reduce the risk of injuries, while also preventing slips and falls that can come from poorly maintained floors.

Go Beyond Clean, Sanitize

While one of your staff members may be able to give your office a quick wipe down, only the pros have the products and tools necessary to ensure that the job gets done right. There are many areas in the workspace that need the highest standards of sanitization. This is especially important for medical offices and businesses that welcome the public into their space on a regular basis.

Ensuring that your surfaces and other high-touch areas are sanitized helps prevent the spread of germs and illness, and keep your clients and staff healthy and happy all winter long. 

Trust Your Cleaning to The Professionals

At Select Janitorial, we have highly-trained expert cleaning staff that is invested in the satisfaction of our clients. We match cleaners whose strengths match the unique needs of your workplace. We help build long-term relationships that allow our cleaners to become attuned to your needs, and ensure that their services exceed your expectations every time. 

We have been working with businesses across Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island for over 20 years, and pride ourselves not only on exceptional cleaning services but also exceptional customer service. We are a local business that is here to help!

Ready to keep your staff healthy this winter season? Connect with the team at Select Janitorial today for your FREE, no-obligation consultation and we will set you up with the cleaning team you need to keep your business germ-free this cold and flu season!

How Commercial Cleaning Services Keep Your Clients Healthy And Happy This Winter

The flu season is fast approaching and as the autumn months wrap up and we move into winter, it is important to take the time to maintain the overall health and wellness of your business.  Staff and client health and wellness also impact how we do business. One great way of practicing this is by ensuring that you have a clean and sanitized work environment for all. 

At Select Janitorial, we work with local businesses of all sizes to ensure that not only are the places with obvious dirt and grime kept clean, but also the sneaky places you may not have thought of.  These are often the areas that can carry the most germs, and pass illnesses on to staff and clients. 

Today, we’re giving you an inside look at the areas your business needs to be extra careful about cleaning this Winter!

Light Switches, Handles, and High Traffic Areas

Running a business can be hectic, especially around holiday time. It’s easy to miss cleaning the little areas that can carry the largest amount of germs in our everyday lives! While we may first look to our floors and counters as places that track in the most dirt, it’s easy to forget about the spots we really touch most often, like light switches, phones, and doorknobs. Cleaning these often forgotten surfaces will also help reduce sick leave over the winter months.  This helps to keep your business running smoothly during the busiest time of year!

Keeping heavy use areas and highly trafficked parts of your business clean and tidy is of the utmost importance when preparing for the busy holiday season.  Our team of detail-oriented cleaners will make sure that each and every high traffic surface of your business is sparkling clean and ready for use. 

Rainy & Snowy Weather

Although the wet and muddy weather outside is inevitable with the change in seasons, that doesn’t mean your business has to suffer. Keeping your office clean, tidy, and free of any hazards will benefit those who visit it regularly. 

This includes maintaining entryways so they are clear of water and mud that can cause slips and falls, properly adding signage that warns patrons and staff of any potential hazards, and ensuring that areas outside of your business are clear can help reduce the amount of water that makes its way inside. 

By keeping your entryways welcoming and easy to navigate shows a level of professionalism and conscious care and ensures everyone can enjoy your business safely. 

Prevent Potential Damage

Whether your space is a warehouse or retail store, making sure that you are on top of your cleaning throughout the premise is important to prevent hazards, accidents, and potential damage to your products. When floors become wet from people entering and exiting the building, not only is there a higher risk for slips and falls, but stored items and inventory is at risk for being damaged, impacting your ability to serve your clients during the busy holiday season.

Serving Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island for over 20 Years

When you work with Select Janitorial, you can guarantee that you are working with a team of dedicated, highly-trained commercial cleaners who are dedicated to serving local businesses. We are passionate about serving our local Vancouver Island community and take pride in delivering consistent, exceptional cleaning services every time.

Select Janitorial’s team of professional janitorial staff will help provide you with a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment for each and every member of your staff and clients. We care about the overall health and cleanliness of your business, and it shows in our work ethic and final product.

Get ahead of the busy winter season and fight back against the cold and flu season in your workspace. Book your FREE, no-obligation consultation today and we will set you up with professional cleaning staff tailored to the unique needs of your business and space. Select Janitorial is here to make sure your workspace stays happy and healthy this winter!