How To Keep Your Business Safe This Holiday Season

Christmas is nearly here, and even with safety precautions in place, our stores, restaurants, and businesses will hit their busiest season of the year. In 2020, its more important than ever to keep our staff and customer safe by having our store go beyond a basic clean. On top of the concerns about viruses being transmitted, we are also faced with the usual wear and tear that Vancouver Island winters bring.

From tackling muddy carpets to keeping high-touch areas sparkling clean, one of the best ways you can keep your business safe this year is by hiring a professional cleaning team to support you! Here’s a few reasons why you should seek our professional janitorial services for your business this holiday season:

Trust an Expert Clean

Let your staff focus on serving your customers while our team uses their years of experience to make sure every nook is sanitized and cleaned. We catch the spots your staff might miss, while saving them the time and effort it takes to keep your business thoroughly cleaned. Hiring a janitorial team is the cost effective, results-guaranteed way to keep your business sparkling all season long!

The Right Tools for The Job

Instead of investing your own resources into commercial-grade cleaners and tools, let us come fully equipped and ready to clean. No storage, upkeep, or additional expense required! For tricky stains ground in dirt and ensuring that all of your high touch areas are sanitized and safe the select janitorial team arrives prepared and equipped with the tools they need to keep your business clean.

Keep it Consistent

Spot cleaning here and there throughout the day isn’t enough to keep your business safe for your staff and customers. By having a professional janitorial team consistently clean your business from top to bottom you are making sure that the every day touchups extend the life of a thorough cleaning instead of replacing it.

Battle the Winter Woes

The wet, rainy winters on Vancouver Island mean that your carpets and flooring take a beating. Instead of a quick vacuum or sweep, our team gets stuck on mud, dirt, and grime and polishes or deep cleans it away. Reduce slips, trips, and falls by keeping entryways and high-traffic areas safe from water or mud that gets easily tracked in.


Looking to take your cleaning to the next level this holiday season? Contact the commercial cleaning experts at Select Janitorial today for your free quote! Serving businesses in Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo, Courtenay/Comox, and Campbell River.

Looking for Commercial Cleaning Services in the Comox Valley? Why Select Janitorial is Fit For Your Business!

Now more than ever, keeping your office, medical practice, or commercial space is one of the most important tasks in your business. Instead of spending your own time wiping down surfaces, or having your staff scrub the washrooms, hiring a professional cleaning team is the best way to ensure that your space is sterilized and ready to serve your clients.

If your business is based in Courtenay, Comox or Campbell River, there’s a new team in town ready to help keep your business spotless – Select Janitorial! After serving Victoria for over 20 years, Select Janitorial has now expanded up island and is thrilled to be serving businesses in North Vancouver Island.

Learn more about why Select Janitorial is the best fit for your business!

We only work with the pros

Our janitorial staff are professional cleaners who are devoted to growing in their careers, dedicated to their clients, and committed to building long term relationships with the businesses they serve. We do not hire temps, or people who will clean your business once, never to be seen again.  We make sure the cleaners on our team are the right fit for our clients, and they remain a part of the Select Janitorial family for years to come.

For our clients, this means you receive consistent cleaning services, with a cleaner you trust and build a relationship with.

We match you with the right cleaner

We all have our areas of strength and expertise – and our cleaners are no different! Because we know our staff so well, we can help match the best cleaner with your business to suit your janitorial needs. Need someone who can sterilize every corner of your office? Or someone who can look past the wood chips in your workshop to make sure the main surfaces are ready to go? Different cleaners will be a better match for different spaces, and we make sure that we find the right cleaner for you and your space!

A business with heart

In addition to supporting local businesses, non-profits, and charities on Vancouver Island, Select Janitorial is here to support someone else – our staff. Through building their careers at Select Janitorial, many new Canadians or those who may have only been able to take low-paying work are able to give themselves and their families a quality of life in Victoria that they may not have otherwise had.

We focus on treating our cleaners with respect, providing them with independence, and supporting them while they grow their careers and make a living wage. As a socially conscious company, we are not in the business of paying our cleaners bottom-dollar for our own profits. We believe that when our clients win, and our cleaners win, Select janitorial wins!


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Select Janitorial is Now Serving Comox Valley, Campbell River, and Courtenay

If your Comox or Courtenay business needs professional cleaning and janitorial services, you’re in luck! After over 20 years serving Victoria, Select Janitorial has been excited about expanding their services to more local communities across Vancouver Island. After successfully expanding in Duncan and Nanaimo in April of last year, owner Marcus Swift is looking forward to serving businesses in Comox Valley, Courtenay, and Campbell River!

Passionate about putting communities first, Select Janitorial has been a longtime supporter of various local charities, including the Cridge Centre for the Family and Headway Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Centre. The company prides themselves on creating stable, long-term employment for their cleaning staff, and provide job training and support that benefits new Canadians, and those whose skills may not allow them to thrive in other work. “We want our cleaners to feel an ownership of their work, and feel empowered and proud of the work they do. We believe in providing people with opportunity, support, and skills. This really is more than just a job, this is an opportunity for them to give their family a life they’ve always hoped for.”

Select Janitorial specializes in commercial and office cleaning, including medical and veterinary offices, apartment buildings, retail space, and community buildings such as shopping centres, places of worship, and schools.

Let Select Janitorial make an impression on your clients and give your staff a healthy clean workspace! Contact us today, and we’ll provide the best janitorial service for your needs!

COVID-19 Exposure At Work? Here’s How To Clean

As the second wave of COVID-19 and the beginning of cold and flu season nears, keeping your business clean becomes all the more important. But what if you’ve had a COVID-19 exposure at your business? Maybe it was a staff member who wasn’t showing symptoms or a customer that was later tested positive – either way, it’s important that you respond quickly and ensure your space is clean so you can quickly reopen.

Here are our tips for getting your space sanitized and ready to re-open if your business has been impacted by a COVID-19 exposure.

Be Proactive

By being proactive with your safety and cleanliness measures, any exposure in your workplace should be limited. By keeping high-touch surfaces and common areas clean throughout the day, wearing masks, and practicing social distancing, the likelihood of transmission is low. If there is a confirmed exposure at your business, work to determine which areas may have been impacted, and focus on disinfecting and closing off these areas first. 

Wait 24 Hours Before Cleaning

As per the CDC guidelines, wait 24 hours before cleaning to reduce the chance of being exposed to any potential respiratory droplets. This allows any droplets to evaporate and makes it much less likely that anyone who is cleaning will come into contact with droplets that carry disease.

Hire A Team of Professionals

Professional janitorial staff bring their years of experience, industrial tools, and commercial cleaning solutions to clean your space quickly and efficiently. Instead of having your staff spend twice as many hours cleaning ineffectively, keep them safe at home and bring in the pros who will keep themselves protected with PPE and industrial-strength cleaning. This will help you get back to business quickly and safely!


If you’re looking for help keeping your business sanitized and safe this flu season, reach out to the experts at Select Janitorial and we’d be happy to help!


Featured Select Janitorial Cleaner: Marvin

What sets Select Janitorial apart is our team of expert, dedicated cleaning staff. When businesses reach out to us to inquire about janitorial services, we take great care in matching them with the perfect cleaner to suit their needs. We all have our strengths and preferences and ensuring that we find the right cleaner for the right job is key to building a long-term relationship and ensuring our clients receive the best clean every time. 

That’s why we are so excited to begin introducing you to our team of Select Janitorial cleaners! When you work with Select Janitorial, you’re partnering with a member of our community, and supporting their family, aspirations, and livelihood. 

Today, we are featuring Marvin, one of the newest team members to join Select Janitorial. Originally from the Philippines, Marvin lives in Victoria with his wife and child. He decided to start his career in janitorial services because of his entrepreneurial spirit, and the fact that he could run and grow his own business. He loves that by working hard, he controls his own success instead of being limited by a traditional 9-5 job.

One of the biggest impacts that starting his janitorial career has made on his life is that he is now able to spend more time with his family, and have more control over his schedule and aspirations – the sky is the limit for Marvin!

We take great pride in supporting, coaching, and encouraging our team to grow their businesses and success beyond their wildest dreams. As an ethical cleaning company, we empower our staff at every step in their entrepreneurial journey and look for ways to help them grow and succeed. 

When you work with Select Janitorial, you aren’t supporting ana anonymous corporation – you’re working with locals who are committed to serving their communities, and who are proud to live, work, and play on Vancouver Island. Relationships are the foundation of a successful long-term cleaning service, and we ensure that your cleaner is a part of your business’s team! 

Looking for a cleaning team to support your business? Contact Select Janitorial today for your free consultation! We have teams in Victoria, Duncan and Nanaimo ready to serve you. Call today!