Why Your Condo Building Needs Professional Cleaning Services

With a variety of people living in and visiting your condo building, it is important to keep up with the cleanliness of the property’s high-traffic areas. These critical areas include the main entrances, hallways, and elevators. We at Select Janitorial understand the importance of leaving a lasting impression for your tenants and their guests to make your property feel just like home every time they enter. Keeping spaces clean and reducing hazards, such as potential slips and falls, can keep the community happy and safe, while also maintaining the overall need for updates or repairs. Whether you’re a property manager with dozens of buildings to care for, or are on a strata council responsible for hiring the right cleaning crew, let’s take a look at 3 great reasons your condo building can benefit from our professional cleaning services today on the blog. 

Taking pride in your property is vital for your building’s maintenance, returning tenants, and the overall demand of your property. Your care and respect for the building’s common areas shows for the building’s tenants when you keep up with the cleanliness of the space. Our team will ensure that your entrances are consistently up-kept and welcoming for every person that visits. Whether you have potential renters coming in for a walk-through, or tenants that have lived in the building for years, leaving that lasting impression and care through regular cleanings services shows how much you care about the building. 

The last thing you or your tenants should have to worry about when walking into their building is the safety or potential hazards that could cause them or their guest’s harm. Winter can leave your space with wet entrances and build-up that could cause slips or falls. Our team values the safeness of you, your tenants, and any other guests visiting the property by making sure our expert janitorial staff pay extra attention to those areas where potential hazards may occur. Lessening the chance of an injury on site will help keep your strata and rent payments under control, ensuring the health and wellness of your building’s community.

Winter doesn’t just bring in the potential for slippery hazards, it can also cause some serious damage to your property’s floors and carpets! We want to lessen any chance of unneeded damage to your hard and soft flooring, including laminate, stone, and carpet. Through frequent and scheduled cleanings, we are able to maintain those carpets and floors that are constantly used each and every day in property. This is beneficial as you can save money by needing fewer repairs due to damage over time. 

With our team of professional and experienced janitors, our quality is assured. Show your residents that you care about the property and their safety through our superior cleaning services. Select Janitorial has been servicing the island for over 20 years, providing each and every one of our clients with top-notch service every time.

Start the new year off right, prevent potential hazards, and keep your condo’s community and their shared spaces happy, healthy and clean in 2020. Contact us today for your FREE consultation and we will set you up with the best member of our janitorial team that suits the needs of your building. 

How To Make The Most Of Your Professional Cleaning Service

When investing money into necessary services such as janitorial cleaning for your business, it is important to ensure that you are getting the most out of it. The team at Select Janitorial understands how important it is to provide our clients which a top-notch clean every single visit by identifying your workplace’s highest traffic points, remaining consistent, and providing you with the best janitors with the experience needed to perform the best clean possible. Today on the blog, let’s dig a bit deeper into these key components of our services that will leave your business sparkling clean.

Now that the busy Christmas season has come to a close, we know your business can use a little extra attention to make it ready to have the best year yet and power through the rest of winter! Pinpointing those high traffic areas within your business can help ensure that the most time and effort is spent maintaining areas that can endure the most wear and tear. Determining what areas are the most important during each visit allows our team to be efficient and clean the prioritize important places first. Whether its the front entrance, your washrooms, or meeting rooms, we understand and recognize the importance of your workspace’s cleanliness from top to bottom. Establishing those key areas helps us create the appropriate schedule for each visit, fully tailored to when the time is right for the next cleaning. 

It is important to create a set schedule for your cleanings so each person that visits your business has a cohesive and positive experience each and every time. Let our team help maintain the cleanliness and professionalism of your business through consistent janitorial services that suit your space. We guarantee that our experienced cleaners will leave your property feeling clean, fresh, and maintained to the highest standard.

Another great way Select Janitorial maintains consistent standards for each of our clients is by matching one of our expert janitorial staff to your business who has the ideal experience to match with the unique needs of your business. Depending on the services needed, we match a cleaner with your business based on the strengths, specialties, and personalities of our team members to set you up with the best of the best. Creating that relationship and consistency in quality will bring a great sense of organization to your business, as well as benefiting the overall health of your community of staff and clients.

Creating a consistent, clean, and welcoming environment for your business is what we at Select Janitorial do best. Our services and experienced staff ensure this by making sure that you get the most out of every visit. Setting your business up with scheduled cleaning is not only necessary but beneficial for your clients as they appreciate the cleanliness and professionalism of your business during their visit. Keep your work environment happy and healthy this new year by contacting us today for your FREE consultation. Let our team get a  jump start on your business’s cleanliness in 2020!

Places You Should Only Let A Professional Cleaner Touch

Although your staff may like to help around the office with daily cleaning tasks like a quick sweep or taking out the trash, we all know nobody is volunteering to clean the bathroom or climb a ladder to sweep up some cobwebs! Here at Select Janitorial, we do not blame them! There are plenty of places around your workspace which only a professional cleaner should touch.

Hard to Reach Areas 

Keeping your staff safe is at the top of your priority list, so let us prevent potential accidents and take care of those hard to reach spaces by allowing our professional cleaning staff to clean high, hard to reach areas. Dust and bacteria like to hide in between and on top of bookshelves, fan blades, and cabinets. This helps reduce risk to your staff and protect your business by trusting experienced staff who know the best ways to reach all those hard-to-access areas. 

Spaces that Require Sanitization 

Certain chemicals and cleaning solutions need special handling, and should only be trusted with a professional who has the right tools and training to work with them. Let our team clean your business extensively while handling specialized tools and cleaning products. Medical offices, warehouse floors, and other specialized surfaces often require the use of stronger chemicals. These cleaning solutions can provide powerful results but are potentially dangerous in the wrong hands. Don’t leave this important work to chance, and ensure the most thorough and safe clean by trusting the professionals. 


Bathrooms need an additional level of cleanliness and attention, and instead of sending an unlucky staff member armed with a toilet brush and a face mask, reduce cross-contamination in your space by ensuring those spaces are only cleaned by a professional. Germs are easily spread in bathrooms within our workspaces, so allow our janitors to focus on this area to keep it clean and tidy. Medical offices see patients in a variety of conditions every day of operation, and it is important to keep up on top of the professional and in-depth cleaning taking place within your business lavatories.  With Select Janitorial’s array of professional cleaning solutions that are specifically developed for bathrooms, paired with an experienced and professional staff member, we are sure to leave your bathrooms sparkling and sanitized. 

The overall health and safety of both your patients and employees can benefit from professional commercial cleaning services through consistent cleaning, extensive experience, attention to detail, and dedicated work!  Let our team take care of those hard to reach, bacteria prone, and dirtiest nooks and crannies of your business. Call today for your FREE consultation to set up a smart and efficient cleaning strategy that will improve your business’s environment overall. With over 20 years servicing Vancouver Island, Select Janitorial is an obvious choice for the best results to keep your business happy and healthy.

Why You Should Choose Select Janitorial For Your Medical Office Cleaning Services

What do Select Janitorial and your medical office have in common? We both value the health and wellness of your clients! While you are busy taking care of the people visiting your office day in and day out, our team will make sure that your space is kept sparkling. Let us take care of your space by reducing the spread of germs and maintaining a professional and clean environment your patients can trust.

Not quite convinced? Let’s explore a few other great reasons your medical office can benefit from Select Janitorial’s cleaning services.


Experienced & Trusted Staff

Business owners across Vancouver Island have been choosing Select Janitorial for their cleaning services for over 20 years. With our experienced and trustworthy staff, you can rest assured that we will leave your medical office sparkling after every visit. Our team knows how to work and adjust to different environments to give your workspace a thorough and tailored cleaning. We have extensive experience working with medical offices, dental offices, and veterinary offices, so our team knows the unique needs of each space and the special care and attention to detail they require. This experience transfers in the quality of work provided by our team of professional janitors when visiting your office.



At Select Janitorial, we know consistency is key. We maintain this consistency by making sure that you will receive the same cleaning team each time. You will have the same cleaners assigned to your location, giving them the time to get to know your business from the inside out. Having the same consistent team ensures that you will get the same high-quality level of work every single time we visit! We match our clients with a cleaner whose strengths are perfectly matched to the needs of the space. Our dedicated staff will provide your medical office with a clean and professional service, each and every time we visit. That’s a guarantee!


Specialized Equipment

For the most part, a simple wipe down with some standard cleaning supplies simply won’t do.
When working in an office that deals with a variety of medical instruments and treatments, every corner of the office counts. Whether it’s ensuring that all countertops are properly sanitized and wiped down or making sure no shelf goes un-dusted, we got you covered. Each area may need unique treatment and care to be cleaned while using specialized equipment! Select Janitorial has a collection of tools and equipment to get the job done right. Through our deep cleaning and attention to detail, your office is going to remain clean and professional for all of your patients to see.

After exploring the many reasons your medical office could benefit from a visit from the Select Janitorial team, why not give us a call for a FREE consultation? Put you and your clients first by hiring professional janitors to provide your business with a high quality clean, that will make all the difference in the environment of your workspace.

3 Sneaky Spots Only Your Janitor Knows To Clean

Although you might be used to your regular cleaning routine around the office, our team of specialized janitors knows the important places most people don’t think of when doing their daily cleaning tasks! When running a business, it is important to go that extra mile to take pride in your space and create an atmosphere that feels safe and healthy for your clients and team members. While you’re busy making sure that everything throughout your business is running smoothly, let the professionals stay busy making sure that everything within your business is clean and tidy.  Explore Select Janitorial’s 3 sneaky spots only our janitors know to clean!

#1. Behind Furniture

With a wide variety of traffic strolling through your business daily, we understand you want your workspace looking clean and presentable. Those hard to reach surfaces, including spaces behind furniture is where dust loves to collect! Our trained professionals know how to get in every nook and cranny, ensuring that we never miss a spot. Paying extra attention to these easy to miss spaces in your workspace helps keep your space fresh and clear of dust and allergens. Clients will notice the difference, and will likely choose to return again!

#2. Top-down Cleaning 

Your business shouldn’t look like a haunted house! While we spend time looking at surfaces and floors, the real hidden mess can actually be above our heads. Making sure dust and cobwebs are removed from ceiling corners, signs, and light fixtures help improve the cleanliness of your office space while showing your clients that you’re on top of everything – literally! By removing the dust and cobwebs off of important fixtures and lights, you can ensure a bright and clean space for your clients to visit. Never worry about missing a spot, especially air vents that intake a wide variety of dust and particles. Our janitors will be sure to have these free of dust and debris. Our main focus is to keep the air quality in your business as healthy as possible for all that breathe it in!

#3. Blinds & Window Coverings 

Although you might remember to wipe down your counters and other surfaces when was the last time your shutters, curtains or blinds got a good cleaning? Ensuring that your blinds are dust-free help keep your windows bright, and encourages additional light to enter your space.  These areas can easily collect dust and grime, especially if they are made of fabric, making your business appear dingey and unkempt in your client’s and staff members’ eyes. Let that sunshine through dust-free and give the full experience for your customers and anyone who may look through your windows!

Select Janitorial ensures their clients that each and every spot of your business that needs that extra TLC is covered. It’s quality that you can see! Set up your FREE consultation today. We’ll set you up with the perfect janitorial staff member from our team for your business’s cleaning goals