How Janitorial Services Help Reduce Sick Leave This Winter

With the stress of the holidays on the rise, so is the likeliness of catching a cold! A higher volume of foot traffic to your business also means that there are more germs introduced into your workspace than throughout the summer. When working in an office space, illness and germs can spread quickly through your business and have detrimental effects on your team’s productivity and workflow. Using professional janitorial services can help reduce the risk of germs spreading, all while reducing that spike in time-off requests. 

Feeling overwhelmed at all the tasks at hand, and looking for an easy solution? Learn more about the different ways that professional office cleaning services can help your business reduce sick leave this winter!

Leaving No Surface Uncleaned

Most people know that they need to clean countertops and floors, but there are lots of other sneaky places that can carry germs and sickness that you may not have thought of! Your team of professional cleaners know all the hidden places to clean to ensure your staff stays healthy through the flu and cold season. 

Doorknobs and light switches? We got them covered! Our team will ensure every high traffic area of your business is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with professional equipment and cleaning solutions. By focusing on spaces such as the office kitchen and bathrooms, we reduce the spread of the pesky cold-causing germs that can linger around during the winter. 

Improve Productivity, Reduce Heavy Work Load

The holiday season is already busy enough, and the last thing you want is your staff feeling burnt out during one of the busiest times of the year. Holidays usually mean that your staff is managing additional work, planning get-togethers, and trying to stay organized before the year is over. Take one thing off their plate and leave the cleaning to the professionals to help reduce stress.

While staff may be able to take on light cleaning tasks throughout the summer, ensuring that a professional is cleaning your office high and low safely will help reduce the risk of injuries, while also preventing slips and falls that can come from poorly maintained floors.

Go Beyond Clean, Sanitize

While one of your staff members may be able to give your office a quick wipe down, only the pros have the products and tools necessary to ensure that the job gets done right. There are many areas in the workspace that need the highest standards of sanitization. This is especially important for medical offices and businesses that welcome the public into their space on a regular basis.

Ensuring that your surfaces and other high-touch areas are sanitized helps prevent the spread of germs and illness, and keep your clients and staff healthy and happy all winter long. 

Trust Your Cleaning to The Professionals

At Select Janitorial, we have highly-trained expert cleaning staff that is invested in the satisfaction of our clients. We match cleaners whose strengths match the unique needs of your workplace. We help build long-term relationships that allow our cleaners to become attuned to your needs, and ensure that their services exceed your expectations every time. 

We have been working with businesses across Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island for over 20 years, and pride ourselves not only on exceptional cleaning services but also exceptional customer service. We are a local business that is here to help!

Ready to keep your staff healthy this winter season? Connect with the team at Select Janitorial today for your FREE, no-obligation consultation and we will set you up with the cleaning team you need to keep your business germ-free this cold and flu season!

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