Places You Should Only Let A Professional Cleaner Touch

Although your staff may like to help around the office with daily cleaning tasks like a quick sweep or taking out the trash, we all know nobody is volunteering to clean the bathroom or climb a ladder to sweep up some cobwebs! Here at Select Janitorial, we do not blame them! There are plenty of places around your workspace which only a professional cleaner should touch.

Hard to Reach Areas 

Keeping your staff safe is at the top of your priority list, so let us prevent potential accidents and take care of those hard to reach spaces by allowing our professional cleaning staff to clean high, hard to reach areas. Dust and bacteria like to hide in between and on top of bookshelves, fan blades, and cabinets. This helps reduce risk to your staff and protect your business by trusting experienced staff who know the best ways to reach all those hard-to-access areas. 

Spaces that Require Sanitization 

Certain chemicals and cleaning solutions need special handling, and should only be trusted with a professional who has the right tools and training to work with them. Let our team clean your business extensively while handling specialized tools and cleaning products. Medical offices, warehouse floors, and other specialized surfaces often require the use of stronger chemicals. These cleaning solutions can provide powerful results but are potentially dangerous in the wrong hands. Don’t leave this important work to chance, and ensure the most thorough and safe clean by trusting the professionals. 


Bathrooms need an additional level of cleanliness and attention, and instead of sending an unlucky staff member armed with a toilet brush and a face mask, reduce cross-contamination in your space by ensuring those spaces are only cleaned by a professional. Germs are easily spread in bathrooms within our workspaces, so allow our janitors to focus on this area to keep it clean and tidy. Medical offices see patients in a variety of conditions every day of operation, and it is important to keep up on top of the professional and in-depth cleaning taking place within your business lavatories.  With Select Janitorial’s array of professional cleaning solutions that are specifically developed for bathrooms, paired with an experienced and professional staff member, we are sure to leave your bathrooms sparkling and sanitized. 

The overall health and safety of both your patients and employees can benefit from professional commercial cleaning services through consistent cleaning, extensive experience, attention to detail, and dedicated work!  Let our team take care of those hard to reach, bacteria prone, and dirtiest nooks and crannies of your business. Call today for your FREE consultation to set up a smart and efficient cleaning strategy that will improve your business’s environment overall. With over 20 years servicing Vancouver Island, Select Janitorial is an obvious choice for the best results to keep your business happy and healthy.

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