Why You Should Choose Select Janitorial For Your Medical Office Cleaning Services

What do Select Janitorial and your medical office have in common? We both value the health and wellness of your clients! While you are busy taking care of the people visiting your office day in and day out, our team will make sure that your space is kept sparkling. Let us take care of your space by reducing the spread of germs and maintaining a professional and clean environment your patients can trust.

Not quite convinced? Let’s explore a few other great reasons your medical office can benefit from Select Janitorial’s cleaning services.


Experienced & Trusted Staff

Business owners across Vancouver Island have been choosing Select Janitorial for their cleaning services for over 20 years. With our experienced and trustworthy staff, you can rest assured that we will leave your medical office sparkling after every visit. Our team knows how to work and adjust to different environments to give your workspace a thorough and tailored cleaning. We have extensive experience working with medical offices, dental offices, and veterinary offices, so our team knows the unique needs of each space and the special care and attention to detail they require. This experience transfers in the quality of work provided by our team of professional janitors when visiting your office.



At Select Janitorial, we know consistency is key. We maintain this consistency by making sure that you will receive the same cleaning team each time. You will have the same cleaners assigned to your location, giving them the time to get to know your business from the inside out. Having the same consistent team ensures that you will get the same high-quality level of work every single time we visit! We match our clients with a cleaner whose strengths are perfectly matched to the needs of the space. Our dedicated staff will provide your medical office with a clean and professional service, each and every time we visit. That’s a guarantee!


Specialized Equipment

For the most part, a simple wipe down with some standard cleaning supplies simply won’t do.
When working in an office that deals with a variety of medical instruments and treatments, every corner of the office counts. Whether it’s ensuring that all countertops are properly sanitized and wiped down or making sure no shelf goes un-dusted, we got you covered. Each area may need unique treatment and care to be cleaned while using specialized equipment! Select Janitorial has a collection of tools and equipment to get the job done right. Through our deep cleaning and attention to detail, your office is going to remain clean and professional for all of your patients to see.

After exploring the many reasons your medical office could benefit from a visit from the Select Janitorial team, why not give us a call for a FREE consultation? Put you and your clients first by hiring professional janitors to provide your business with a high quality clean, that will make all the difference in the environment of your workspace.

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