Keeping your commercial space or office clean is important, but for dental & medical offices, keeping a clean and sanitized workspace is critical. That’s why the janitorial experts at Select Janitorial go above and beyond to ensure your services go beyond a basic clean!

Let your team focus on what they do best and leave the cleaning to Select Janitorial. Our medical office & dental office cleans include:

  • Dusting & Surface Cleaning
  • Floor maintenance including sweeping, vacuuming, mopping. waxing & stain removal
  • Lavatory maintenance
  • Surface sterilization
  • Office garbage disposal
  • Interior window & blind cleaning
  • And more!

Let us develop a custom plan for your medical or dental office today, and experience the difference a professional cleaning can make. Our team is equipped with the commercial-grade cleaning supplies needed to ensure a spotless, sterilized clean every time. 

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