We Provide Janitorial Services to Coastal Heat Pumps



Select Janitorial has proudly provided office cleaning services to Don and his team at Coastal Heat Pumps since 2014. Today, we are sharing more about this amazing local company!


Coastal Heat Pump has been providing heating and air conditioning solutions to Victoria homes for over 35 years. Their solutions result in better heating and cooling experiences at a lower price. They are Victoria’s heat pump expert. 

What is a ductless heat pump? Its one of the most energy efficient system that only heats or cools the space you are actively using. They are extremely efficient and can result in the SEER ratings (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) far surpassing the industry standards for traditional ducted systems.

Coastal Heat Pumps are currently the highest producing sales team for York and Fujitsu sales. Why, because they focus on quality and exceptional service. They are also well respected in the business community and has received awards including:

Don Gulevich, Founder and CEO of Coastal Heat Pumps, explains that businesses are built on trust and rapport. “The relationship is everything” and its his relationship with Ken Swift, founder of Select Janitorial Inc., that led him to select us as the company’s janitorial service provider. “Without question, its his ethics and dedication” that won Don over.

That dedication has remained evident in their janitor, Chris. Don laughs as he recounts his security system alerting him to Chris and his wife office cleaning early Christmas morning. That’s dedication! That’s commitment, that’s Select Janitorial.

Our Office Cleaning Services

General office cleaning services include glass spot cleaning, general dusting, washroom detailing, floors vacuumed/mopped and garbage/recycle removal (to own dumpsters). See what Select Janitorial can do for you! Request your no obligation quote here.

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