Select Janitorial is Now Serving Duncan and Nanaimo, BC!

Vancouver Island janitorial and commercial cleaning company Select Janitorial is now expanding their service areas, and will begin serving businesses in Nanaimo and Duncan beginning April 1st, 2019.

After over 20 years based in Victoria, BC, owner Marcus Swift is looking forward to bringing the same level of service and focus on supporting the local community to Nanaimo and Duncan. “We are excited to begin working with businesses across Vancouver Island. Serving businesses in Victoria has been so fulfilling over the last 20 years, and starting this new chapter in our business is very exciting.”

Passionate about putting communities first, Select Janitorial has been a longtime supporter of various local charities, including the Cridge Centre for the Family and Headway Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Centre. The company prides themselves on creating stable, long-term employment for their cleaning staff, and provide job training and support that benefits new Canadians, and those whose skills may not allow them to thrive in other work. “We want our cleaners to feel an ownership of their work, and feel empowered and proud of the work they do. We believe in providing people with opportunity, support, and skills. This really is more than just a job, this is an opportunity for them to give their family a life they’ve always hoped for.”

Select Janitorial specializes in commercial and office cleaning, including medical and veterinary offices, apartment buildings, retail space, and community buildings such as shopping centres, places of worship, and schools.

If your Duncan or Nanaimo business is in need of professional cleaning and janitorial services, Select Janitorial is looking forward to serving you!

We are proud to support local businesses - if your email address is not associated with a business account, please call us at 1-250-360-0666

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