Why Your Business Should Work With an Ethical Cleaning Company

Sadly, industries like cleaning and hospitality can be an environment where mistreatment of staff, and in the most extreme cases, human trafficking, can present themselves. The Select Janitorial family was heartbroken to learn of the 43 individuals that were forced into cleaning jobs in Ontario, with a cleaning business profiting off the vulnerability of people seeking a better life in Canada.

This continues to shine a light on why it is so important to Select Janitorial that we not only provide exceptional service to our clients, but also run our business in an ethical manner, treating our cleaners with respect and dignity. We pride ourselves on helping people grow in their careers, and earn a living that allows them and their families to live fulfilling lives in the city they love.  

When you hire a cleaner through Select Janitorial, you know that you are working with a company that puts their community and their people first. We are proud to provide jobs to those traditionally marginalized in the employment world, be it through language/cultural barriers, personality, or the need to have a flexible work schedule. We are rigorous in standing against exploitation, glass ceilings and any other form of exploitation. We believe that when our cleaners are empowered to take charge of their careers, and are compensated fairly for the hard work that they do, that not only will our clients receive exceptional cleaning services, but that we as a company win through their success.  

Our cleaners are one of our greatest strengths, and we believe in providing ongoing training, mentorship, and tools for success. While many companies hire temporary cleaners that have no career stability or consistency, we know how important it is for our staff to feel that they can take ownership of their work, and build relationships with the clients that they serve.

If you are looking to work with a cleaning company that aligns with the values that you and your small business have, then look no further than Select Janitorial. We are honoured to contribute to our community by creating meaningful employment, and supporting the small businesses that make Victoria, BC such an amazing place to live.

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