Why Your Community Centre Needs Professional Janitorial Services

Lately, we have been seeing the importance of how keeping our commercial spaces clean and sanitary is an act of service for our communities. If you run a community centre, whether that is for recreation, worship, or business, it is critically important to maintain your space’s cleanliness at all times. While you may know that basic care and keeping is important to your daily operations, we wanted to shine a light on why professional janitorial services are so critical all year long.


Keeping Vulnerable Members of Our Community Safe

Your community centre likely has children, elderly folks, and other vulnerable patrons that may be more likely to pick up an illness or injure themselves if your space is not kept clean. While it is important to keep your space clean for the enjoyment of all your visitors, it is especially important to maintain your space to the highest standard to keep the most vulnerable members of our community safe. 

This can include extra sanitizing of high-touch areas throughout the day, ensuring that floors are clear of liquid, dirt, and any tripping hazards, and ensuring that appropriate signage is used to warn of any potential dangers.


Reduce Slips and Falls

With kids running into their art class, a teenager distracted by their phone, or a senior navigating the halls with a walker, there are plenty of opportunities for slips and falls to easily occur! By making sure that floors and carpets are well maintained and clean, you can help keep your guests safe and prevent any distress and liability that comes along with injuries in your community centre. 


Help Staff Stay Healthy and Well

Your staff are the lifeblood of your business – without them, you wouldn’t be able to provide valuable services to your community. When you have hundreds or thousands of people using your space daily, your staff could be at risk for picking up the latest bug or sickness. While your visitors may come and go, your employees are counting on you to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for them so they can bring their best to your customers.

Making sure that your space is clean and well maintained also reduces your staff’s burden to take on cleaning responsibilities, especially in areas you should only let a professional janitor touch, such as washrooms and hard to reach places. 


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