Why Your Condo Building Needs Professional Cleaning Services

With a variety of people living in and visiting your condo building, it is important to keep up with the cleanliness of the property’s high-traffic areas. These critical areas include the main entrances, hallways, and elevators. We at Select Janitorial understand the importance of leaving a lasting impression for your tenants and their guests to make your property feel just like home every time they enter. Keeping spaces clean and reducing hazards, such as potential slips and falls, can keep the community happy and safe, while also maintaining the overall need for updates or repairs. Whether you’re a property manager with dozens of buildings to care for, or are on a strata council responsible for hiring the right cleaning crew, let’s take a look at 3 great reasons your condo building can benefit from our professional cleaning services today on the blog. 

Taking pride in your property is vital for your building’s maintenance, returning tenants, and the overall demand of your property. Your care and respect for the building’s common areas shows for the building’s tenants when you keep up with the cleanliness of the space. Our team will ensure that your entrances are consistently up-kept and welcoming for every person that visits. Whether you have potential renters coming in for a walk-through, or tenants that have lived in the building for years, leaving that lasting impression and care through regular cleanings services shows how much you care about the building. 

The last thing you or your tenants should have to worry about when walking into their building is the safety or potential hazards that could cause them or their guest’s harm. Winter can leave your space with wet entrances and build-up that could cause slips or falls. Our team values the safeness of you, your tenants, and any other guests visiting the property by making sure our expert janitorial staff pay extra attention to those areas where potential hazards may occur. Lessening the chance of an injury on site will help keep your strata and rent payments under control, ensuring the health and wellness of your building’s community.

Winter doesn’t just bring in the potential for slippery hazards, it can also cause some serious damage to your property’s floors and carpets! We want to lessen any chance of unneeded damage to your hard and soft flooring, including laminate, stone, and carpet. Through frequent and scheduled cleanings, we are able to maintain those carpets and floors that are constantly used each and every day in property. This is beneficial as you can save money by needing fewer repairs due to damage over time. 

With our team of professional and experienced janitors, our quality is assured. Show your residents that you care about the property and their safety through our superior cleaning services. Select Janitorial has been servicing the island for over 20 years, providing each and every one of our clients with top-notch service every time.

Start the new year off right, prevent potential hazards, and keep your condo’s community and their shared spaces happy, healthy and clean in 2020. Contact us today for your FREE consultation and we will set you up with the best member of our janitorial team that suits the needs of your building. 

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