How Janitorial Services Improve The Safety Of Your Business

Here at Select Janitorial, we can all agree that safety is one of our top priorities when running a business! It can all come down to some of the most basic precautions to set around your office that can make the biggest impact. A great way to ensure workplace safety is through consistent cleaning of your workspace. Learn about some of the potential hazards and injuries that could take place in the workplace and how we improve the overall safety of your business through our professional cleaning services today on the blog!


Reduce Slips & Falls

With the weather constantly changing on the island, it is always good to keep on top of the main entryways of your building. By keeping them clean and dry we can help to reduce workplace hazards for your staff and the public that visit your business regularly. This also shows that you take extra care and attention to detail ensuring your client’s trust and appreciation!


Reduce Sick Leave

Your business may see a variety of traffic throughout the day, making it easy for germs to form and spread easily around the office. Reduce the risk and spread of flu-causing viruses by keeping up on the professional cleaning of your space! With one of the busiest holiday seasons coming up, there is no better time to ensure the health and wellness of your workspace for your staff and clients! 


Remove Allergens

Nothing breaks the trust of clients more than walking into an unclean business. Nothing can turn away potential customers quite like entering a space that gives them coughing or sneezing fits! If we neglect to keep up with cleaning and the tidiness of your workspace, this may seem unprofessional and customers will take notice. Going the extra mile will create an environment where germs and allergens are kept at bay, and keep staff and visitors healthier when working and visiting your business.


Sanitize Where Needed

There are many areas in your business that may need that extra special close attention. From kitchens and bathrooms, to anywhere that children and animals may be, its important to clean these spaces with an extra level of proper sanitization to keep your staff and public safe and healthy during their visit. This is especially true for medical and dental offices where sanitization is required beyond the standard clean! 


Select Janitorial provides you and your business with the right tools to keep your clients and staff happy, healthy, and safe! We have over 20 years of experience working with businesses all across Vancouver Island.   We are a widely trusted janitorial service company that you can rely on. Put the safety and cleanliness of your business in our hands. We have you covered on all your janitorial needs. Call us today for your FREE consultation. We will match you with one of our janitorial staff that fits the needs of your business cleaning service best! 


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