How To Get Your Business Ready For The Rainy Season With Professional Cleaning Services

Shorter days and cloudier skies are taking over this fall! For Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island, this means rain and snow are on the way! What better way to prepare your business for the change in weather than by hiring a team of professional cleaners to keep your business in top shape, and stay ahead of the inevitable wet and muddy floors and carpet. 

Keeping your space clean during the wet season not only helps to keep your employees and clients happy and healthy, but it also prevents potential hazards in the workplace.  Falls and damage to inventory could result in some serious liabilities for your business. 

The experts at Select Janitorial are sharing the top three ways your business can benefit from our commercial cleaning services during this wet and rainy season!

Welcoming Presentation

Although the weather is getting dark and gloomy, that doesn’t mean your business needs to appear that way. Our team strives to keep your business looking customer-ready no matter the season. By ensuring that entryways, exits, and other high-traffic areas are cleaned consistently, you can prevent slips and falls, as well as long-term damage to your carpets and flooring. 

We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the best cleaning services possible to make sure your business is properly equipped for the muddy wet season. It may seem like relying on your staff for cleaning may be enough, but ensuring that you are using professional-grade equipment and cleaning solutions guarantees that not only is the quality of the service high but that you are receiving an increased level of thoroughness and sanitization.

Increase Your Cleaning Sessions, Improve Customer Satisfaction

Starting or adjusting your recurring cleaning schedule is highly beneficial for your business this time of the year. During the summer your floors may receive less wear and tear, but the winter months can bring in increased dirt and water along with the additional foot traffic that most businesses see. The cleanliness of your property not only ensures safety for your clients while visiting but also showcases the extra care you have for your workspace. 

This is especially important for businesses that deal with public health and safety, such as medical or dental offices, veterinary clinics. Improving client satisfaction and safety is also important for public spaces such as recreation centres or shopping malls, where the volume of people entering and exiting your building raises the potential for accidents that are a liability to your business. 

Safety and Signage

Signage is key when preventing accidents in the workplace, while also alerting your clients that you are keeping their safety in mind. The potential for slips and falls is much likelier during the wet season and this makes it that much more important to have the appropriate signage displayed. If you do not have your own signage, your cleaning team will be happy to show you the correct floor signs to purchase so that your office or warehouse is safe at all times.

Trust the Local Experts

Select Janitorial is proud to have been serving businesses in Victoria and Vancouver Island for over 20 years, and we bring our local expertise to each business that we serve. By understanding the unique needs of the region by season, we are better equipped to tackle any water-related mess that the rain and snow may bring. We match you with a cleaner whose expertise matches the needs of your space for a long-lasting partnership with your cleaning team.

Here at Select Janitorial, we value your client’s safety and health.  We work tirelessly to ensure your space is kept clean all year round through our exceptional service and attention to detail. 

Call us today for your FREE, no-obligation consultation and book your cleaning services before the holiday rush!

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