How To Keep Your Business Safe This Holiday Season

Christmas is nearly here, and even with safety precautions in place, our stores, restaurants, and businesses will hit their busiest season of the year. In 2020, its more important than ever to keep our staff and customer safe by having our store go beyond a basic clean. On top of the concerns about viruses being transmitted, we are also faced with the usual wear and tear that Vancouver Island winters bring.

From tackling muddy carpets to keeping high-touch areas sparkling clean, one of the best ways you can keep your business safe this year is by hiring a professional cleaning team to support you! Here’s a few reasons why you should seek our professional janitorial services for your business this holiday season:

Trust an Expert Clean

Let your staff focus on serving your customers while our team uses their years of experience to make sure every nook is sanitized and cleaned. We catch the spots your staff might miss, while saving them the time and effort it takes to keep your business thoroughly cleaned. Hiring a janitorial team is the cost effective, results-guaranteed way to keep your business sparkling all season long!

The Right Tools for The Job

Instead of investing your own resources into commercial-grade cleaners and tools, let us come fully equipped and ready to clean. No storage, upkeep, or additional expense required! For tricky stains ground in dirt and ensuring that all of your high touch areas are sanitized and safe the select janitorial team arrives prepared and equipped with the tools they need to keep your business clean.

Keep it Consistent

Spot cleaning here and there throughout the day isn’t enough to keep your business safe for your staff and customers. By having a professional janitorial team consistently clean your business from top to bottom you are making sure that the every day touchups extend the life of a thorough cleaning instead of replacing it.

Battle the Winter Woes

The wet, rainy winters on Vancouver Island mean that your carpets and flooring take a beating. Instead of a quick vacuum or sweep, our team gets stuck on mud, dirt, and grime and polishes or deep cleans it away. Reduce slips, trips, and falls by keeping entryways and high-traffic areas safe from water or mud that gets easily tracked in.


Looking to take your cleaning to the next level this holiday season? Contact the commercial cleaning experts at Select Janitorial today for your free quote! Serving businesses in Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo, Courtenay/Comox, and Campbell River.

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