Looking for Commercial Cleaning Services in the Comox Valley? Why Select Janitorial is Fit For Your Business!

Now more than ever, keeping your office, medical practice, or commercial space is one of the most important tasks in your business. Instead of spending your own time wiping down surfaces, or having your staff scrub the washrooms, hiring a professional cleaning team is the best way to ensure that your space is sterilized and ready to serve your clients.

If your business is based in Courtenay, Comox or Campbell River, there’s a new team in town ready to help keep your business spotless – Select Janitorial! After serving Victoria for over 20 years, Select Janitorial has now expanded up island and is thrilled to be serving businesses in North Vancouver Island.

Learn more about why Select Janitorial is the best fit for your business!

We only work with the pros

Our janitorial staff are professional cleaners who are devoted to growing in their careers, dedicated to their clients, and committed to building long term relationships with the businesses they serve. We do not hire temps, or people who will clean your business once, never to be seen again.  We make sure the cleaners on our team are the right fit for our clients, and they remain a part of the Select Janitorial family for years to come.

For our clients, this means you receive consistent cleaning services, with a cleaner you trust and build a relationship with.

We match you with the right cleaner

We all have our areas of strength and expertise – and our cleaners are no different! Because we know our staff so well, we can help match the best cleaner with your business to suit your janitorial needs. Need someone who can sterilize every corner of your office? Or someone who can look past the wood chips in your workshop to make sure the main surfaces are ready to go? Different cleaners will be a better match for different spaces, and we make sure that we find the right cleaner for you and your space!

A business with heart

In addition to supporting local businesses, non-profits, and charities on Vancouver Island, Select Janitorial is here to support someone else – our staff. Through building their careers at Select Janitorial, many new Canadians or those who may have only been able to take low-paying work are able to give themselves and their families a quality of life in Victoria that they may not have otherwise had.

We focus on treating our cleaners with respect, providing them with independence, and supporting them while they grow their careers and make a living wage. As a socially conscious company, we are not in the business of paying our cleaners bottom-dollar for our own profits. We believe that when our clients win, and our cleaners win, Select janitorial wins!


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