The Types Of Businesses That Can Benefit The Most From Professional Janitorial Services

Owning and managing a business means that you are busy with a never-ending to-do list, and many tasks on the go. As well as operating your business, you also need to keep the health and safety of your staff and clients as a top priority. One of the best ways to do this is by ensuring that your office, warehouse, or retail space is kept clean and clear of anything that may impact the people you serve – from slippery floors to germs that spread sickness. 

Wondering if janitorial services are right for your business? We’re diving into our list of the types of businesses that can benefit from hiring a team of professional commercial cleaners.

Medical Clinics

Whether you’re working within a dental, doctor, or veterinary office, providing your clients with peace of mind when they enter your office is vital. Medical clinics have the unique requirement of not only having to be clean for client confidence but also having a rigorous level of sanitization for workspaces to ensure that patients are kept healthy and safe. Professional cleanings services offer you peace of mind that you are meeting the standards required to offer your services in a safe environment. 

Our team at Select Janitorial has extensive experience in cleaning medical, dental, and veterinary clinics.  Our staff is prepared with the professional equipment and cleaning solutions required to meet the needs of these businesses. This is not an area you can leave to chance in your business – working with a company that guarantees their services and lets you develop longstanding relationships with your cleaning team are key. 

Commercial Office Spaces

We know keeping up with the cleanliness of your office is of the utmost importance. Keeping a clean workspace is the easiest way to keep everybody in your office happy and healthy, all while maintaining a presentable and professional environment. Office cleaning goes beyond keeping desks tidy and organized – from floor to ceiling, there are areas that need to be cleaned and maintained. 

While you may think that your staff can help with ongoing maintenance, only a professional cleaning team will know every spot to dust, vacuum, or wipe. Let your staff do what they do best – the job you’ve hired them for! By outsourcing your cleaning, you can maintain high productivity in a clean and comfortable workspace. 

Community and Public Spaces

With community spaces such as malls, places of worship, and recreational organizations that see constant and frequent traffic, it is important to maintain a healthy environment and keep germs and other potential hazards at bay. Hiring and maintaining your own staff for ongoing cleaning and maintenance can be a burden on your HR staff.  It can also increase costs through the purchase and maintenance of professional equipment needed to clean large spaces and high traffic areas. By outsourcing your cleaning to Select Janitorial, you know that you are receiving service from professionally trained staff that provide and maintain their own equipment, are insured, and are backed by the customer service of a local partner. 

Condos and Residential Buildings

Keeping your residential property clean and organized shows an immense amount of care and professionalism. Whether you’re managing a strata-run building or an assisted living facility, consistent professional cleaning services help ensure that residents remain safe, and reduce the long-term costs of building maintenance. Don’t rely on property managers, residents, or in-house staff to perform the duties that are best left to a professional!

Partnering with Local Businesses

Serving local businesses around Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island is our passion and commitment at Select Janitorial. As a locally owned and operated business ourselves, we know the importance of ensuring that your business is running smoothly, and how the businesses you work with can provide peace of mind when receiving their services. We are committed to total client satisfaction, which means we guarantee all of our work. 

Do you have a space that could benefit from our professional janitorial services? Contact us today for your FREE no-obligation consultation and we’ll set you up with the perfect commercial cleaning team for your business. 


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