How Commercial Cleaning Services Keep Your Clients Healthy And Happy This Winter

The flu season is fast approaching and as the autumn months wrap up and we move into winter, it is important to take the time to maintain the overall health and wellness of your business.  Staff and client health and wellness also impact how we do business. One great way of practicing this is by ensuring that you have a clean and sanitized work environment for all. 

At Select Janitorial, we work with local businesses of all sizes to ensure that not only are the places with obvious dirt and grime kept clean, but also the sneaky places you may not have thought of.  These are often the areas that can carry the most germs, and pass illnesses on to staff and clients. 

Today, we’re giving you an inside look at the areas your business needs to be extra careful about cleaning this Winter!

Light Switches, Handles, and High Traffic Areas

Running a business can be hectic, especially around holiday time. It’s easy to miss cleaning the little areas that can carry the largest amount of germs in our everyday lives! While we may first look to our floors and counters as places that track in the most dirt, it’s easy to forget about the spots we really touch most often, like light switches, phones, and doorknobs. Cleaning these often forgotten surfaces will also help reduce sick leave over the winter months.  This helps to keep your business running smoothly during the busiest time of year!

Keeping heavy use areas and highly trafficked parts of your business clean and tidy is of the utmost importance when preparing for the busy holiday season.  Our team of detail-oriented cleaners will make sure that each and every high traffic surface of your business is sparkling clean and ready for use. 

Rainy & Snowy Weather

Although the wet and muddy weather outside is inevitable with the change in seasons, that doesn’t mean your business has to suffer. Keeping your office clean, tidy, and free of any hazards will benefit those who visit it regularly. 

This includes maintaining entryways so they are clear of water and mud that can cause slips and falls, properly adding signage that warns patrons and staff of any potential hazards, and ensuring that areas outside of your business are clear can help reduce the amount of water that makes its way inside. 

By keeping your entryways welcoming and easy to navigate shows a level of professionalism and conscious care and ensures everyone can enjoy your business safely. 

Prevent Potential Damage

Whether your space is a warehouse or retail store, making sure that you are on top of your cleaning throughout the premise is important to prevent hazards, accidents, and potential damage to your products. When floors become wet from people entering and exiting the building, not only is there a higher risk for slips and falls, but stored items and inventory is at risk for being damaged, impacting your ability to serve your clients during the busy holiday season.

Serving Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island for over 20 Years

When you work with Select Janitorial, you can guarantee that you are working with a team of dedicated, highly-trained commercial cleaners who are dedicated to serving local businesses. We are passionate about serving our local Vancouver Island community and take pride in delivering consistent, exceptional cleaning services every time.

Select Janitorial’s team of professional janitorial staff will help provide you with a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment for each and every member of your staff and clients. We care about the overall health and cleanliness of your business, and it shows in our work ethic and final product.

Get ahead of the busy winter season and fight back against the cold and flu season in your workspace. Book your FREE, no-obligation consultation today and we will set you up with professional cleaning staff tailored to the unique needs of your business and space. Select Janitorial is here to make sure your workspace stays happy and healthy this winter! 


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