What Makes Medical Janitorial Services Different

What makes medical janitorial services different?

We’re glad you asked.

Here at Select Janitorial, we have been providing expert cleaning and janitorial services across Vancouver Island and the Fraser Valley for over 20 years; we pride ourselves on delivering quality services to offices, restaurants, post-construction buildings, and other commercial premises just like yours.

As such, our team of dedicated cleaners know a thing or two about what makes medical janitorial services different from our usual offerings (and why it’s so important that these services are done correctly!)

What Are Medical Janitorial Services?

Firstly, let’s outline what medical janitorial services are defined as.

While commercial cleaning encompasses what most people typically think of when it comes to janitorial services (such as dusting, mopping, and cleaning surfaces), medical janitorial services take this a step farther by carefully and methodically removing dirt, allergens, and potential bacteria from commercial spaces via in-depth disinfecting.

As such, medical janitorial services are necessary in spaces such as senior care homes, hospitals, clinics, and other areas where client and staff health is a topmost priority. 


Reason #1 to Invest in Professional Medical Janitorial Services: Commercial-Grade Cleaners Are Key

While some may assume that a quick wipe of the countertops with Clorox will be sufficient, that couldn’t be farther from the truth: in fact, commercial-grade cleaners are a key reason why medical janitorial services are so effective in disinfecting a space.

Unlike the common cleaning brands you likely have around your house, the maximum-strength cleaners our janitors use require significantly more expertise to use safely and effectively: disinfecting products and solvents in particular may be either acidic or alkaline, and a wide range of said products can be toxic to people (such as causing chemical burns) if handled incorrectly.

Because these commercial-grade cleaners are the key to a truly bacteria-free environment, however, the only way to safely implement them is to turn to our janitorial experts

Reason #2: Thoroughness is a Non-Negotiable

Due to the fact that high-touch areas should be cleaned daily, thoroughness is a non-negotiable when it comes to medical janitorial services.

On top of providing stable and consistent cleaning services, our janitorial staff are also bondable, individually insured, and are, of course, covered through WorkSafeBC… which means that both you and your premises are shielded from any liability or risk of a job done poorly.

When Select Janitorial is involved, you can rest easy knowing that your medical janitorial services are being done correctly all day, every day.

Reason #3: Having the Right Tools for the Job On-Hand

Just like how having commercial-grade cleaners is crucial for medical janitorial services, having the right cleaning instruments is equally as vital to achieve a truly deep clean.

From the moment patients, clients, or visitors walk through the door of your premises, every surface should be visibly clean and sanitized. This is to:

  • Stop the spread of germs and illnesses
  • Provide a safe, healthy space for staff and visitors alike
  • Foster a sense of trust that your space takes its sanitization seriously

Specialized cleaning equipment that can reach into your commercial space’s unique nook and crannies is an invaluable part of medical janitorial services and ensures that no area is left untouched.

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