How Janitorial Services Keep Your Dental Office Safe

The ways in which janitorial services keep your dental office safe are numerous. In today’s blog, the experts here at Select Janitorial outline how a clean, safe, and COVID-conscious workplace benefits both your employees and dental patients.

#1: Dental Office Janitorial Services Let Your Staff Focus On What They Do Best

One of the primary benefits of janitorial services for your dental office is how they let your staff focus on what they do best.

Let’s face it: the government-endorsed enhanced cleaning checklist is comprehensive, to say the least. That means that, to follow it to a T, your staff will need to take valuable hours out of their day in order to learn how to follow the steps thoroughly, execute said steps, and repeat them in-depth multiple times per day.

When you hire Select Janitorial to do what we do best, you, in turn, give your employees the gift of time to do what they do best: conducting expert dental services for your patients.

#2: Our Team is Experienced in the Level of Detail Needed for Medical-Grade Sanitization

Select Janitorial has been providing the highest-quality cleaning and janitorial services for post-construction buildings, restaurants, and, of course, dental offices across British Columbia for over 20 years.

As such, we hire only the most conscientious janitors on Vancouver Island, Fraser Valley, and the Interior to ensure that your commercial cleaning needs are met on time, every time.

Many dental professionals who hire existing employees to take over janitorial services believe that they are successfully completing the Canadian government’s recommended “deep cleans”, only professional janitorial staff like us here at Select Janitorial have the expertise, resources, and tried-and-tested products available to complete a deep clean as is intended.

This guaranteed deep clean gifts both your employees and your patience with the degree of health and safety that they deserve.

#3: Select Janitorial’s Team Goes Beyond Just a Basic Deep Clean 

Our team consistently goes above and beyond to provide more than just your standard deep clean.

This includes knowing the proper dilution of each sanitization product for each unique surface, the time required to deep clean each area of the lavatory, and the ability to recognize any concerns regarding the time allotted (for example, needing more time to dedicate it to certain high-touch areas in the lavatory).

This includes focusing on high-touch point areas like:

  • Toilets
  • Door handles
  • Faucets
  • Tables
  • Countertops
  • Chairs
  • Light switches
  • Electronics
  • Cabinets

We also ensure to thoroughly clean commonly forgotten touch points such as blinds, baseboards, and fabrics, all of which can harbour dangerous germs, dust, and pollen.

#4: Dental Office Janitorial Services Instills Trust in Your Patients and Creates a Great Environment for Your Team

Outsourcing your scheduled cleans to a professional janitorial company guarantees not only a better-smelling, better-looking dental office, but also the trust of your patients when they enter a sparkling clean dental area time after time.

Employees will also be grateful to know that they can focus on their job without sacrificing having a safe, COVID-conscious, and clean workspace.

Interested in dental office janitorial services done right? Contact us today for your zero-obligation quote.

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