Returning to the Office Post-COVID – How To Keep Your Space Safe

Health and safety in the workplace have never been more vital than now amid returning to the office post-COVID.

So what can you do to keep both your customers and employees safe? Start with cleaning, courtesy of the team here at Select Janitorial. Here is how we strive to keep safety, health, and cleanliness a priority for your business… hassle-free!

#1: Sanitizing High-Touch Areas

Especially if you own or work in a medical office of any kind, a simple wipe-down or spot-cleaning of surfaces by your team won’t suffice, especially post-COVID. That’s why our professional janitorial team is trained in ensuring your space is safe for everyone. 

We have the knowledge, tools, and, of course, experience to adhere to strict post-pandemic cleaning protocols.

Sanitation includes:

  • Both cleaning and disinfecting high-traffic and high-touch areas
  • Cleaning with the intent of mitigating the spread of germs

Commonly-sanitized areas include doorknobs, faucets, toilets, and countertops.

#2: Clearing Away Remnants of 2020

As the beginning of the usual cold and flu season nears, keeping your business clean becomes even more important.

Alongside COVID-19, this makes cleaning especially important. This includes clearing away remnants of 2020!

Remnants of 2020 that could pose the threat of germs include dust, garbage, personal items, and anything left over from 2020 that has been forgotten by either customers or staff. This is even more relevant for businesses that have been closed for long periods of time throughout either 2020 or 2021.

#3: Instill Confidence in Staff With a Clean Workplace

Your staff are the lifeblood of your business: That’s why it’s crucial to instill confidence in staff via a clean workplace.

A clean, safe, and COVID-conscious workplace works to foster trust post-pandemic and assists in back-to-work efforts.

Whether you have hundreds or thousands of people coming through your business, your employees are counting on you to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for them so they can bring their best to your customers, both this year and every year thereafter.

Invest in our variety of janitorial services for a clean you can trust when returning to the office post-COVID.

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